It’s safe to say Velvet Patch is an obsessed waxing geek!

Passionate about the results and committed to a fiercely loyal client base, Sal Pigott is determined to keep you hair-free, to the point of NOT wanting your business?!

“waxing gives fantastic results and the more you have it done the weaker, sparser the hair becomes resulting in longer, hair-free periods and needing to wax less. With hectic lives though it does take a great deal of determination not to be a ‘slave to the shave’. Velvet Patch Waxing will do everything to help clients on their hair-free journey by offering flexible appointments and text reminders. To celebrate ridding the razor we’ll give you your 5th wax half price and by then you’ll enjoy quicker, easier appointments AND a lower maintenance tariff – what could be smoother?”

Guild insured, Axiom certified and formally accredited in both male and female intimate waxing, Sal has been running Velvet Patch as a dedicated waxing only business for over ten years.

Committed to exceptional client service and the very highest standards of working practice – no client “racking and stacking” and no “double-dipping” is the rule NOT the exception!

So, whether you’re a waxing virgin or veteran, Velvet Patch looks forward to welcoming you on the hair-free highway!