Velvet Patch Waxing Nottingham

Wax Works

Velvet Patch Waxing is a premium waxing service that has been keeping Nottingham and the East Midlands on the hair-free highway for well over a decade.

Velvet Patch works from a private residential practice in Ruddington, South Notts. Bookings are by strict appointment only offering clients a discreet and welcoming, stress free environment. 

Rid The Razor

As waxing removes hair from the root you’ll be hair and stubble free from 3 to 8 weeks. What’s more, the more you wax the lighter, finer and sparser your hair grows back and, in some areas, it may not grow back at all. Velvet Patch is committed to keeping you velvet smooth and to celebrate you ‘ridding the razor’ we’ll give you your 5th waxing session half price and a lower maintenance tariff thereafter.

New Generation Products

Velvet Patch specialises in male and female intimate waxing – aka the Hollywood, Sphinx, Brazilian, Boyzillian (yes really!)

Described by some as “extreme” waxing, here at Velvet Patch we really don’t agree.  For over ten years it’s been the bedrock of the business and there’s nothing extreme or gimmicky about these popular-than-ever treatments.

Particularly as Velvet Patch uses the latest leading techniques and high performing new generation waxes that shrink-wrap around the hair only, making removal gentle and more effective than traditional waxes – from legs and lip to back, brow and beyond!