Data Use

Velvet Patch is blessed with an extremely busy and loyal client base.  As such Velvet Patch does not have or need any active social media presence to attract new business.  This also means client confidentiality is respected and protected with existing clients not being asked to “like” or “follow” business pages. 

This lack of social media presence also means Velvet Patch does not write a blog/newsletter and therefore does not e-shot/SPAM existing clients with bulletins or business updates.

Data acquired by Velvet Patch will be securely held as a (non-electronic hard copy) consultation form filled in on first appointment.  Data on it will never be passed on to third parties and only used to carry out basic and efficient business operations as outlined below:

  • for insurance purposes to formally declare clients are “fit for waxing”
  • for appointment details, confirmation & reminders – via texts

Velvet Patch will hold this data whilst a client remains “active” and for a period of two years thereafter.  After this time data will be securely destroyed.

Should a re-booking be made again after 24 months a brand new client consultation form will need to be completed.