Velvet Patch has missed you and can’t wait to welcome you back to the studio!

The way Velvet Patch has always operated means we’re already COVID safe. Clients have always been by strict appointment only, no drop-ins or client cross-overs – all this will continue.

The health and safety of clients, our families and the community around us remains a priority in order for us to avoid future lockdown scenarios. Waxing is a close-contact treatment that can’t be socially distanced so is dubbed high risk.  The following outlines measures taken to reduce the risk and spread of infection.  Clients are asked to observe/act where appropriate in order to operate in this new and challenging way.  Your patience and understanding on this is hugely appreciated.

  • Velvet Patch will continue to be vigilant with cleanliness allocating extra time in between clients to thoroughly clean down, ventilate, dispose waste and set up the room for next appointment.  This will inevitably impact operations in terms of reduced capacity, appointment availability and ability to take on new clients in the short term. 
  • All “upholstery” in studio is now removed and replaced with vinyl wipeable furnishings and/or disposal materials.
  • In order to manage new operations, backlog and consider exposure/viral load in such a small, warm space all slots will now be curtailed to 40-min max.  Its recognised this may be problematic for clients who have multi-body treatments.  VP will liaise on what can be achieved and how best to split slots as necessary.  This will be reviewed regularly in line with virus prevalence and Gov response to threat.   
  • Face coverings will now be compulsory in the studio. PPE for Velvet Patch will include gloves, apron, mask and visor.  Clients will also be expected to wear a face covering – this can be own but it must be fit for purpose & suitably robust i.e not a tied scarf.  VP can provide clients with a surgical mask for £1 charge.
  • In the short term there will be no body clippering on offer.

Clients will be asked to

  • Come into the studio unaccompanied face covering on.
  • Sanitise hands with alcohol provided.
  • Keep chatter in studio to a min – but true.
  • Keep the studio a bag free zone – keys, card & phone will be placed in allocated container on entry.
  • Not use washroom facilities unless absolutely necessary.
  • Pay by contactless if under £45.
  • Cancel appointment if displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or isolating/suspect asymptomatic exposure. 

In the interest of wider community immunity clients are asked to be really self-diligent with their own health and possible viral exposure. Please only come to an appointment if feeling 100% fit and well.  The small, warm studio is not a welcome battleground to “push on” if under the weather and doing this threatens the immunity & health of those around us.