Male Tariff

Male Waxing Nottingham

Acknowledging the fact we all have different rates and densities of hair growth, Velvet Patch waxing offers a flexible pricing structure that is completely based on you.

Regular 4-6 wk clients enjoying sparser and thinner hair growth will pay the lower “maintenance” tariff and remember the 5th wax is half price to help you rid that razor!

Intimate, face and sensitive areas will be waxed using hard wax for targeted, easier more comfortable removal.

Face Tariff

Ear and Nose£15.00

Body Tariff

Full Leg
(inc knees, feet & toes)
£35.00 – £40.00
Half Leg
(upper inc knees; lower inc knees, feet & toes)
Feet & Toes£10.00
Full Arm£25.00-£30.00
Half Arm
(upper inc shoulder blend; forearm inc hands & fingers)
Full Back & Shoulder£28.00-£34.00
Lower Back£14.00-£18.00
Chest & Abdomen£32.00-£35.00
Full Torso£60.00-£65.00
Full BodyPOA

Intimate Tariff

M1 – Speedo
Removes hair from thigh crease.
M2 – Crack£18.00-£20.00
M3 – Sac and Crack Removes all hair from scrotum, crack & buttocks blending into leg£50.00-£54.00
M4 – Buttocks
Removes hair further in from pant line & from pubic top
£22.00 – £26.00
M5 – Mexican
Removes hair from buttocks and crack
M6 – Bermuda
Removes hair from pubic triangle: scrotum, penis & mons pubis area
M7 – Brazilian
Removes hair from penis, scrotum, crack & buttocks blending into leg
Leaves hair to preference on mons pubis area.
M8 – Hollywood Removes all hair in pubic area:

(codes can be used for your booking discretion)