Wax Know

All clients react differently to waxing depending on skin type and pain threshold. 
Pesky hormones also play their part too – time of the month can contribute to increased sensitivity and lowering estrogen levels as we age can make skin thin and fragile “downstairs”, particularly for peri/menopausal woman. 

Clients must ensure hair growth is at least 5mm to maximise results – about the length of a grain of rice. Clients are also advised to exfoliate and moisturise in the run up to a wax to ensure all hairs are present and ready for removal – also recommended regularly to discourage ingrown hairs where hair gets trapped under dead or dry skin.  Such grooming really is recommended and helps achieve greater results – if you’re paying for the treatment you really want to maximise on the results.

Other things to note include:

  • Waxing can cause tenderness and raised follicles, particularly on first, prolonged or irregular sessions. This is normal and again very short lived. You’ll be given further aftercare treatment and advice at your appointment.
  • Loose cotton clothing is recommended to help keep waxed areas cool.
  • Clients should bathe prior to waxing (avoiding all lotions and potions) as bathing after is not advised.
  • After treatment clients are advised to keep newly waxed areas as clean and cool as possible to minimise infection risk. Sunbathing, saunas, steams, swimming in fact exercise of any description is out of bounds so do consider this when making a booking.