Wax How

Waxing involves applying a coat of warm wax on the skin which is then removed, taking the hair with it. Waxing has been around for centuries but rest assured waxing products have come a long way since the ancient use of sugar and lemon juice and new techniques are now used to minimise discomfort.

Velvet Patch has been using hard or hot wax since business inception when they weren’t commonly known or widely used in the beauty industry. Classed as ‘new generation’ waxes they contain Polymer which has revolutionised the waxing sector.  These products are far superior to other waxes:

In their composition – they are warmed on low heat, creamy in texture, with polymers that make the waxes more pliable and less sticky than traditional waxes.

In the way they are applied – using a technique that that ‘shrink-wraps’ around the hair only, resulting in targeted, easier and more comfortable removal – perfect for sensitive and intimate areas.

In the results they achieve – successful at removing coarse, stubborn hair and by not attaching to the skin, resulting in little or no irritation. Many clients not even exhibiting temporary raised follicles, a common and normal response to waxing.

Product really is hero here and Velvet Patch prides itself on only using the very best tried and tested wax products on the market. Velvet Patch uses Outback Organics, a range of waxes and aftercare products with vegan friendly options and  formulated to give clients the very best in treatment experience and on-going results.

Velvet Patch is able to use different waxes in the Outback range for different body areas, hair and skin types.  This is based on technical proposition not gimmicky fads – let’s leave fruity mixes in our cocktails and chocolate on our digestives eh?!